About Palau

*Location and Geographic Description

7° 30′ North Latitude, 133° 30′ East Longitude


*Official Languages

English and Palauan

*Time Zone

When it’s Noon Monday in Palau, it is:
Manila 11:00 A.M. Monday
Tokyo 12:00 P.M. Monday
Sydney 1:00 P.M. Monday
Honolulu 5:00 P.M. Sunday
Los Angeles 7:00 P.M. Sunday



Palau enjoys a pleasantly warm climate all year round with an annual mean temperature of 82° degrees F. (27° C.). Rainfall can occur throughout the year, and the annual average is 150 inches. The average relative humidity is 82%, and although rain falls more frequently between July and October, there is still much sunshine. Typhoons are rare as Palau is located outside the typhoon zone.


*Currency & Credit Cards

The official currency of the Republic is the U.S. Dollar. Visa, JCB, and Master Card are widely accepted at stores and visitor facilities. There are FDIC insured banks and major hotels with limited foreign currency exchange. In addition, Palau has money transfers such as Western Union or through Bank Institution.



One bottle of liquor and up to 1 pack of cigarette containing up to twenty (20) cigarettes can be brought into Palau duty-free. Importation of controlled substances and weapons are strictly prohibited and any traveler in possession of any controlled substances will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law of the Republic of Palau.​


*Immigration, Customs & Health Requirements VISA and PASSPORT Requirements

All visitors must have a valid passport not less than 6 months from date of expiration and proof of return arrangements.

VISAs are NOT required. 30-days Tourist Visa will be issued upon arrival and may be extended within 7 days in advance with approval of the Chief of Immigration for a fee of US$50.00 before expiration date of the visa. (Note: Maximum of 90 days: 30 days upon arrival plus 2 extensions at US$50.00 fee per extension. After which visitors must exit the country).

Citizens of United States of America, Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Guam, and the Common Wealth of Northern Marianas Islands with valid passports are issued 1 year Visa upon arrival.


*Medical Services

Palau has three private medical clinics and a public hospital, Belau National Hospital, with a modern recompression chamber. Belau National Hospital contact number +680 488 2552/2553


Tour Permit

There are two defferent types of State permits. Both with defferent prices. (Tour fee is separate)

---SAMPLE ---

A rock island permit which is $50 allows you

to enjoy the natural rock island parks and beautiful waters within the Koror State premises for up to 10 days. 

---SAMPLE ---

A jellyfish lake permit which is $100 allows you to enjoy the natural rock island parks and the beautiful waters within the Koror State premises, including the famous jerryfish lake.
It is also valid for
10 days. ​

Regular Diving Schedule

The following schedule is subject to change due to weather, tide, or additional activity etc.



08:00 AM - 08:10 AM       Hotel Pick-up & Guest registration


08:10 AM - 08:30 AM       Preparation


08:30 AM - 09:30 AM       Departure to Dive Site (by speed boat)


09:30 AM - 10:30 AM       1st dive


11:30 AM - 12:30 PM       2nd dive


12:30 PM - 14:00 PM       Lunch break


14:00 PM - 15:00 PM       3rd dive, departure to the Koror


15:30 PM - 16:30 PM       Estimated arrival time


P.O.BOX6095, Koror, Palau 96940

T / +680-488-6767
F / +680-488-3077